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Michael Wilkerson

Wilkerson & Associates

City of Milwaukee Police Detective (Retired)
WI PI License 11900-063

Professional Experience

Highly accomplished Police Detective with 25+ years’ experience in performing specialized law enforcement work in the planning, coordinating, and conducting of critical investigations into complex and sensitive criminal cases. Highly skilled at conducting interviews, interrogations; analyzing data, controlling and processing evidence, legal documentation, making recommendations to State and Federal Justice System officials, while offering key testimony during court proceedings.

Advanced knowledge of criminal/internal investigations.
25+ Years of local/federal law enforcement experience.
Leadership Training & Development.
Analyzed and evaluated raw data for comprehensive investigative reports.
Extensive knowledge of Crisis Management Response.

Milwaukee Police Department  


Appeared in city, state, and federal court to give testimony pertaining to the facts and evidence of cases being prosecuted. Obtained and executed search and arrest warrants needed to collect additional evidence and to arrest suspects.

Conducted Homicide, Suicide, Suspicious and Sudden death investigations.
Conducted internal and confidential investigations of department members and city officials.
Conducted complex criminal investigations to prevent crimes and solve criminal cases.
Prepared and maintained complete records of the history of each case being investigated.

Milwaukee Police Department


  Patrolled city streets to deter crime and assisted citizens as needed; noted suspicious persons, activities, or establishments; took action and reported the situation.

Prepared accurate and timely reports regarding response calls.
Investigated criminal or suspicious activities; secured crime scenes; gathered evidence; interviewed/interrogated witness/suspects; made arrests.
Prepared cases for court; appeared in court to present evidence and served as a witness.

Military Police Sergeant
                               United States Army, Ft McCoy, WI                                    


Led and supervised Military Police squads and sections in support of battlefield operations, to include area security and force protection patrol operations; performed duties as Military Police Patrol Supervisor; provided technical and tactical guidance to subordinate personnel; responsible for the health, welfare, morale and training of Soldiers.

Responsible for the training, health, welfare and professional development of Soldiers.
Provided technical and tactical guidance to subordinate personnel.
Managed the administrative support and logistical functions of personnel.
Advised commander and direct reports on all matters pertaining to enlisted Soldiers and quality of life concerns of family members and civilians.

Education and Professional Training/Certifications

State of Wisconsin Homicide Investigator Course

Reid Advanced Interview and Interrogation Courses

Mid-level Police Managers Course – Milwaukee Police Department

Primary leadership Development Course, Grafenwohr, Germany

Military Police Investigator School, Grafenwohr, Germany

US Army Military Police Advanced Individual Training, Ft McClellan, AL

Wisconsin Private Detective Staff

Wisconsin state licensing doesn't require continuing education units (CEU) for P.I.'s

but we belong to the Professional Association of Licensed Investigators (PAWLI) to keep current and educated on a yearly basis. Below are the the CEU's we have completed at our

annual conference.
Be sure the P.I. agency you hire is licensed and holds to a standard higher

than the expectation.

March 2017

Co-Owners Kevin and Lori Rogers

both elected into PAWLI Board officer positions 

Kevin Rogers

PAWLI President

Lori  Rogers

PAWLI Secretary

 Phone: 715-524-9044 Fax: 715-524-4567


  P.O. Box 131,  Shawano, WI 54166  


Kevin J. Rogers #10362-63
Lori A. Rogers #10599-63

Mark Merhalski #10623-63
Magnum Investigations Plus #16062-62

Magnum Investigations Plus is committed to providing you

with superior quality investigative services.

We approach every client with a focus on

integrity, advocacy, confidentiality, and understanding.

We get the facts for you!

Kevin Rogers

Kevin Rogers is a licensed private detective in the state of Wisconsin, and the owner and lead investigator of Magnum Investigations Plus.  Kevin has an extensive law enforcement background with 21 years experience, having worked 14 of those years with the Milwaukee Police Department.  Kevin worked in varying capacities throughout Milwaukee in plain clothes and undercover operatives, and was an investigator for the Sensitive Crimes Division. He also became a specialist through this unit conducting investigations of  crimes against children, and missing persons. 

Kevin also assisted in investigating sexual crimes. 

Kevin, along with his business partner and wife Lori, started his Private Investigating agency in May of 2000.  While starting his agency, Kevin continued his Law Enforcement career on the Menominee Indian Reservation working for both the Tribal Police Department and the Menominee County Sheriff's Department.  This experience also afforded Kevin a special understanding of Tribal Law and how to conduct investigations on tribal lands.

Kevin has a proven track record of exceeding standards in providing quality investigations of all types.Specific areas that he has specialized in are: Criminal Defense cases; Homicide and Wrongful Death Investigations; Physical Surveillance; Child Custody Disputes; Relationship Monitoring; Employee Theft; Abused and Missing Persons; Loss Prevention; Protective Services; Repossessions and Judgment Recovery; Process Service.

Cases of notability investigated by Investigator Kevin Rogers:   

  • Criminal defense drug case in which Kevin, working for the defendant's attorney,

presented facts that reduced the defendants sentence by two-thirds.

  • During a simple stationary surveillance of a business, Kevin uncovered a corporate theft ring

involving management of the business.

  • "Deep" undercover placement as employee in corporate business for several months. 
  • Investigations for high profile Federal and Felony Cases that had been commuted 

due to Kevin's diligent and outstanding fact finding.  

  • High profile ongoing investigation of missing Amber Wilde.

Blog for Amber

Memberships and Commendations:

  • Accredited Insurance Investigator
  • Member of Professional Association of Wisconsin Licensed Investigators (PAWLI)
  • Association of Christian Investigators (ACI)
  • Numerous Meritorious Awards from the Milwaukee Police Department and Letters of Commendation
  • President of the Wisconsin Chapter of Cops for Christ 

(Kevin was one of the founding board members of the Milwaukee Area Chapter of Cops for Christ in 1995)

  • National Council of Investigation and Security Services (NCISS)

Noteworthy media:


Lori Rogers

Lori Rogers partnered with her husband to start Magnum Investigations Plus in May of 2000.  Lori handled the administrative needs of the agency until she also became a Wisconsin Licensed Private Investigator in April of 2002.

Lori has a vast resume  which allows her to adapt to most undercover assignments.  She has worked in retail, office administration, banking, as well as being a former Wisconsin Licensed Real Estate Agent, and a

process server while living in Milwaukee. 

During the time Lori's husband  was employed by the Milwaukee Police Department, she was asked by the President of the Milwaukee Police Officer Support Team (P.O.S.T.)  to start a support group for significant others of police officers. Lori was the contact person for family members of officers involved in shootings, deaths, or just dealing with stress that comes with having a loved one in such a dangerous position.

Lori has acquired areas of investigative specialization in Relationship Monitoring; Child Custody Disputes; Criminal Defense; Investigations in Worker's Compensation; Undercover; Surveillance; Missing Persons;  Repossessions/Judgment Recovery; Process Service.

Lori has an Associate of Applied Science in Gerontology, with emphasis on healthy aging, and dealing with crimes and fraud against the elderly. She also is in the Paralegal program, besides taking many Business Management courses. She completed a four month internship in San Diego with the Executive Director of iTN Greater San Diego and the former Director of the California Department of Aging.

Lori also has landed several contracts from proposals she has written for their agency. Another specialty is her background in legal process/paper service with a thorough understanding of child support, having worked with many counties in the state and contracted with two of them.  Additionally, locating and serving victims/witnesses for two County D.A.'s offices and assisting the local Sheriff's department in seizures by order of the D.A.'s office. 

Cases of notability investigated by Investigator Lori Rogers:


  • Workman's Compensation case where Lori's' video coverage was called "unprecedented" by the

client in finding of fraud by an employee, and used now in the client's training sessions.

  •  Wrongful conviction case, which was going back to trial due to a mistrial

(one of the jurors was found to not speak English after defendant spent 3 years in jail)

and the defendant/client was facing a 25 year sentence.  Lori's investigation for the defense presented

facts that caused the prosecutor  to offer the client a plea deal which included no jail or prison time

  • Amber Wilde missing case (ongoing investigation)


  • Member of Professional Association of Wisconsin Licensed Investigators (PAWLI)
  • Association of Christian Investigators (ACI)
  • Phi Theta Kappa

Noteworthy media:

  • Various interviews with Green Bay stations, WBAY 2, WFRV 5, Fox 11, NBC 26,

and Wausau station WAOW 9, regarding Amber Wilde search

 by Steve Louden, Enterprise Staff regarding the Amber Wilde Search (article on "Media" page)

  • Soap Opera Digest (article on "Media" Page)

Mark Merhalski

Mark Merhalski has been with Magnum Investigations Plus since June 2002. He is

a 15 year veteran of the Milwaukee Police Department and is currently an

investigator with the Wisconsin Public Defenders Office.
Marks's specialty is working criminal defense cases and has a strong working knowledge of police procedures.

  He is also very proficient in working undercover cases and surveillance. 


Member of Professional Association of Wisconsin Licensed Investigators (PAWLI)


Mark has assisted on a few of the forensic K-9 searches for Amber Wilde.  On one occasion

(and on Mark's own time) he returned to a search site to climb into an underground tunnel on a property

that the search team was unable to get to on a previous visit. This is just one example of

Mark's dedication to thoroughly see a case through.