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Tenant and Landlord Rights

Even though we are typically in the position of serving papers for landlords,

we want to be sure tenants know their rights as well.

We have kids who have served in the military and we unfortunately became acquainted with poor property management practices.  On three different occasions (and states), when they have changed duty stations, the landlord/management tried to take advantage of them by illegally/improperly holding their security deposits. More likely than not, these type of property managers are accustomed to military members not having the time or ability to question the wrongful withholding of security deposits. We were able to assist by pointing out the laws in those states, and asking for proof/evidence of why they were being denied the return of their deposits, citing the statutes that they were in violation of. On each occasion, our kids were returned the improperly held deposits.

Tenants have to be their own best advocates in assuring they are not being taken advantage of.

Unfortunately there are some horrible tenants who try to work the system, but that is not always the case. Sometimes there are unscrupulous landlords as well.

Whether you are the landlord who needs help in your eviction process or judgment recovery, or a tenant who needs to file a small claims action against your landlord, we can

serve your legal documents for you in Wisconsin.

Whether you are the landlord or the tenant, lease know your rights.