Benefits of Using a

Private Detective Agency

for your Repossessions:

  • We are state licensed private detectives so we have many resources and ongoing training.
  • Skip tracing is included with no hidden charges.
  • High recovery rate/resolutions

and debtor contact.

  • Photos emailed upon recovery and

condition report sent.

The following testimony is from a satisfied client and can be read in it's entirety on our "About" page under Client Testimonies:

"...I have received more monetary resolutions in a year using Magnum Investigations Plus (MIP) than I have in the past six years in-house.  MIP even was able to locate and collect collateral that was being wrongfully held by tow yards, convincing the companies to release the vehicles.  That is a task our attorney couldn't even get accomplished.  MIP is well informed of WI collateral recovery laws as well as Indian Reservation laws...I was very impressed on how fast they are able to recover property."

We are very familiar with the new Right to Cure Laws, and how to work with law enforcement agencies to help them better understand how they can assist us when necessary. 

Our agency is also up to date with Tribal/Reservation Laws and have worked extensively in this area to be successful in our ability to obtain collateral.  We can also assist you in going through the right channels to get the results you are looking for. 

Our investigators are very persuasive in speaking with your debtors to obtain keys, titles, and in many cases, getting the debtor to bring their account up to date.  All repos are returned to you with a full condition report and photos.

We provide skip tracing at no additional cost to anywhere in the United States, including locating out of state agencies and negotiating prices and finding auction locations. 

                        No Results, No Fee.

Our networking has allowed us to obtain collateral throughout the United States and Mexico.

If you prefer to not have your collateral delivered to your location,  we provide onsite storage for our clients. We will work with the auction company of your choice or hold until sold. 
We can also provide transport to auction.

Our agency also provides transports and handles voluntary surrenders.  We can even arrange transports if you sell your collateral to an out of state buyer.

Magnum Investigations Plus' Recovery Specialists have handled collecting a wide variety of property, not just limited to vehicles. We have recovered campers, boats, ATVs, motorcycles, farm equipment, snowmobiles, household items, furniture, appliances, computers, and electronics.  Please call if you have a question regarding your specific need.

 Phone: 715-524-9044 Fax: 715-524-4567


  P.O. Box 131,  Shawano, WI 54166