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Assistance for Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard, Coast Guard

Our Wisconsin Private Investigative Agency has done work for servicemen, even before the Iraqi War. We are especially proud of the fact that three of our five children are serving in the United States Navy.  We offer as a small token of our appreciation, to serve those that serve our country so faithfully and sacrificially.

If you are active duty, whether you're based out of Wisconsin or not, we want to offer our investigative services to you at a discount so you can serve our country with a peace of mind. What we would like to do is help safeguard your hearts by offering not only a
20% discount to all active military, but also a reasonable payment plan.  We do not offer payment plans to any other client (only special circumstances).  We wanted to do this for those who are helping protect our freedom.

Whether you are stateside or overseas, you may be concerned about what your significant other is doing while you are away.  It could be for investigative purposes, collection of property, process service, or to check the welfare of your children.  We would like to assist you with that as we have a heart for the sacrifices of our military members.  Unfortunately, there is a select few in our society that are taking advantage of our soldiers' paychecks, promising a loving relationship on the other side.  We have seen it all too often.  If this is a concern of yours or you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for a no obligation, free consultation.    We could even just be a listening ear, and offer you suggestions to your situation.  We do not, however, offer legal advice.

Additionally, because I (Lori) have a father that served in the Army on the front lines in the Pacific Theater during WWII, we are extending this offer to all veterans.  Again, the sacrifices of our soldiers and veterans are immeasurable. Now, all too often, our older veterans are losing money (and hearts) to scam artists, or predators as I like to call them, that are taking advantage of our senior veterans.
Please, when contacting us, let us know you have served (or are currently serving our country) and let us know how we can assist you.

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  • Licensed, Bonded and Insured 
  • State Wide Coverage
  • Worldwide Networking
  • Accredited Insurance Investigator
  • Spanish Speaking Interpreter

Magnum Investigations Plus has developed expertise in specific areas, however we exceed standards in all types of cases.
 Our ability to obtain confidential and discreet information for the client is imperative.
 While Magnum Investigations Plus maintains offices in Wisconsin, their extensive resources allow successful retrieval of records and information worldwide.

We are a full service private investigative agency located in Northeast Wisconsin. We network with other investigators that adhere to the same professionalism as our agency which enables us to cover the entire state.

In many cases we find that our clients will request us to still handle their cases due to the personalized attention that we provide to them.

Magnum Investigations Plus is designed

to assist our clients' specific needs in:

Background Investigations
Child Custody Cases
Civil History Searches

Corporate Investigations

Court Room Support
Criminal Defense Cases
Criminal History Searches
Criminal & Civil Cases
Domestic Related Cases
Employee Theft Investigations
Financial Loss
General Liability Investigations
General Security Assessments
Homicide Investigations
Insurance Fraud Investigations
Judgment Recovery

Jury Investigations
Legal Support/Testimony
Location of Witnesses
Missing Persons Investigations (Search, Rescue, Forensic Evidence K-9's available)
Mortgage Fraud Investigations
Nursing Home Abuse Cases

Personal Investigations
Pre-Employment Evaluations
Process Service
Record Searches/Retrieval
Relationship Monitoring
Skip Tracing
Video Documentation

Worker's Compensation Case

We offer personalized service,

tailored to our clients' specific needs.

Your inquiries will be held

with complete confidentiality and sensitivity.


Consider renting equipment from us to save on costs.

Client Testimonies

 "To say that Magnum Investigations Plus (MIP) has done an excellent job is an understatement.  Let me  start by saying that they have gone above and beyond just repossessing our vehicles.  They make contact with the debtor, explaining what legal course will be taken and how to resolve the matter to avoid such action.  I have received more monetary resolutions in a year using MIP than I have in the past six years in-house.  MIP even was able to locate and collect collateral that was being wrongfully held by tow yards, convincing the companies to release the  vehicles.  That is a task our attorney couldn't even get accomplished.  MIP is well informed of WI collateral recovery laws as well as Indian Reservation laws.  MIP attempts to recover property in a timely manner with dignity and compassion.  I was very impressed on how fast they are able to recover property."

 J. Thomas Leander
 Collection Manager
 Affordable Auto Credit

. . . I thank you very much for getting some  action on this, we’ve had it out for like 2 months now with nothing and switched it over to you and you guys were able to get it resolved in a week or so. much appreciated.

  Cit Fi
  Dubuque, IA


"Your genuine interest in our situation is such a blessing.  It is so good to have a Christian brother and sister such you and your wife!

When desperately concerned about the well- being of a family member, their whereabouts, and the uncertain risks they may be facing after uncharacteristically walking away from their family, one could not ask for a more understanding, patient, and calm partner in trying to investigate and locate their family member.  The professionalism, kindness, and patience that Kevin and team demonstrated when succinctly advising of the services they can provide has been both grounded in reality and reflected their clear thinking in the midst of our great concern.
Thank you, once again, for your care and assistance."
 Bernard Weaver

"Kevin, Thanks for the ideas and for talking with me yesterday. It was the culmination of a really rough weekend but one that opened my eyes . . .
You were very patient, supportive, and a voice of  reason. "

 R.C., Wisconsin (9-24-14)

 "Wow!  You guys work fast! I appreciate how understanding and thoughtful you were to me."

 "That's because you guys are so kind. Thank you for all your help guys. This has been quite the ride..."

 "I sure don't know how you and Lori do this.   You're good.  I owe you guys a lot.  Lori and her articles were wonderful!"

 A.A., Wisconsin

  "I still will never be able to thank you enough for all   you did for us. The special attention you gave us will never be forgotten."

 F.R., Maine
 "You did so much for us. Thank you again for bringing our family back together."

 M.C., Hawaii

 "Very good work."

 A.B. (Insurance Investigator), West Virginia

 "I would like to recommend Magnum Investigators for any investigating needs based on their professionalism and efficiency. I required their help on very short notice and they were extremely accommodating and accurate. The issue I was researching was a very sensitive and delicate issue and I felt as if my own family was handling this situation. I would use them again if ever the need  arises again."

 Anonymous, Corporate CEO, Wisconsin

 "I can't believe you found him!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, I'm impressed. 

Great work Magnum PI."

 Wisconsin Finance Company


"We were so worried when my fiancee's teen age sister was going to come to the U.S. to meet a guy she was talking to online.  Magnum's investigators not only found out that the "guy" was actually a girl trying to scam our teenager, but they talked to her, convincing her we weren't making it up and about the dangers of what she was doing.  We appreciate the care Magnum took to talk to our teenager, like concerned parents, something they didn't have to do.   Thanks again!"

 Andrew, Vancouver, B.C.