Law Firms

The office of Magnum Investigations Plus has the experience to work well with Attorneys and Paralegals to assist them in meeting their specifications with thorough report writing, fact finding and video documentation as needed.  We at Magnum Investigations Plus pride ourselves on doing the best job possible for your office, and meeting your requests to the best of our ability.  You will find that we will work diligently to find or accomplish what you are looking for. 


Magnum Investigations Plus has a combined Law Enforcement  background of 51 years.  This works well for Criminal Defense cases for purposes of evaluating police procedures in your case, including misconduct by an L.E. agency, improper investigation procedure, wrongful convictions or illegal seizures to mention a few.

We can handle your child custody disputes, including, but not limited to, undercover monitoring of unfit parents and background checks.

We also have extensive experience working for Public Defenders with emphasis on juvenile cases.

Process Service

We handle legal paper services and filing for Collections; Foreclosures; Divorces; Small and Large Claims in several counties in the state.

If your firm is handling collections, foreclosures, etc., our office is now offering a 7 day turnaround time for your papers to be served and returned to you, at no additional cost (unless you need a rush service in less than 72 hours). This will boost your client ratings.  Please specify this need when calling.

District Attorneys & Victim/Witness Offices

Along with providing affidavits to your subpoenas, we also get pertinent information such as phone numbers and new addresses of your witnesses for easier contact for your office.  To show how Magnum Investigations Plus goes that extra mile, they even transported a witness from another county to get him to a jury trial on time for the D.A..
We can also  serve your seizure papers, along with the Sheriff's Department, and also are available to drive seized vehicles when the Sheriff's Department is short handed.

Child Support Agencies

We have a good working experience with Child Support Procedures and Services for several Counties in the state and are contracted with two of them. Not only do we assist in locating C.P.'s and N.C.P.'s that have skipped but, when needed, add supplemental reports to your specifications for those more difficult cases going to court.  This should be taken into consideration when looking for an agency to best suit your needs.  Also available, Spanish speaking interpreter.

Private Citizens

Many times when we are contacted by private citizens to either provide investigative or process services, it is a first time for them and they feel uncomfortable, uneasy and even sometimes embarrassed.  This is totally natural and understandable, so it is our goal at Magnum Investigations Plus to make you feel more comfortable and at ease with your situation. 

Sometimes things in life just don't go as planned and we understand the sensitivity of these issues.  You have our personal guarantee that not only will your situation be handled with the utmost confidentiality but also with concern and care.  We can offer either a female or male only consultation if you need it. 

Your situation will be treated individually with your best interest in mind.  Your first consultation is free.  You also will notice that our agents make themselves available to you throughout your investigation by e-mail or phone with updates, support, or just to answer your questions. 


Our office can assist you in the three steps you may have to take to evict or end tenancy for a tenant(s).                       

1st: Serve a 5 pay or vacate and/or end tenancy notice.
2nd: Serve summons if vacate isn't met.
3rd: Serve contempt papers or garnishment after judgment.

Additionally, if your tenants have "skipped" and you need to locate them for service or garnishment, we can help you in that area as well.

Creditors/Financial Institutions

Magnum Investigations Plus is not only noted for their superior Skip Tracing abilities but for their negotiating skills in getting debtors to surrender collateral and/or to pay clients.  For private citizens, offices with new legal departments,  or office managers, our office is happy to walk you through the steps you need to serve papers, what you can do after you receive judgment, or how to collect collateral. 


Magnum Investigations Plus provides Uniformed or Non Uniformed Security for a wide range of events, for patrol, or  Executive Protection.  Our agency can work either short or long term assignments.  Please contact us for a customized security detail to suit your needs.

 Spanish speaking interpreter available. 

Legal Support for Professionals & Private Citizens

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